Friends, family and fun by the bonfire!

  • Packet pickup- 4:00pm to 5:00pm at Royal Oaks Resort
  • Please print and bring this waiver to packet pickup


  • Race-morning packet pickup 50m, 50k, 25k- 5:00am to 5:50am at Royal Oaks Resort
  • 50m, 50k, 25k start- 6:00am at Royal Oaks Resort
  • Drop Bags- 5:00am to 5:50am at Royal Oaks Resort
  • 25k winner- 8:30am
  • 50k winner- 11:00am
  • 50m winner- 2:30pm
  • last 25k runner- 2:00pm
  • last 50k runner- 3:00pm- 9 hours time limit
  • last 50m runner- 7:00pm- 13 hours time limit
  • 25k awards- 10:30am
  • 50k awards- 1:30pm
  • 50m awards- 4:30pm

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