Rules and Safety

We at Bad to the Bone always want everyone to have a fun, memorable and safe journey. We support your effort wholeheartedly and always do our best to get you to the finish line. Along the way, we like to have a blast and we want you to have a blast. However, here are some rules and regulations which should not spoil your experience but only enhance it and make it safer… so here it goes.


All runners must sign a waiver and bring it to race day registration. Click here to download the waiver.


  • No littering of any kind
  • On the Blue Ridge Parkway, paved roads and gravel roads, always run against traffic. This is an open course and there will be vehicles on the roadways. It is your responsibility to watch out for them
  • NO headphones on any of the road portions (paved and gravel) of the course and wherever vehicles are present
  • On the Blue Ridge Parkway, always run single file and NOT side by side
  • No outside help which includes but is not limited to: motorized or non motorized rides (cars, bicycles, scooters, wheels of any kind, etc), cutting the course, physically carrying a runner
  • If you get lost, you must return to the place where you got lost and rejoin the race course at that location
  • You may not run with your dog, sorry. We love dogs as much as anyone, but they are not allowed to run with you during the event
  • If you encounter a runner in need of immediate assistance, you are required to help the runner to the best of your abilities
  • Hiking poles are allowed. However, please step aside if someone needs to pass on the single track trail
  • No strollers of any kind
  • You must respect the cutoffs and forfeit your race if you reach an aid station beyond the cutoff time. Continuing to run without a bib number beyond the cutoff will not be allowed
  • If you drop out, you must let a race official know
  • You must start the event at the race start time: you may not start significantly earlier or later than the race start time
  • Please be kind to other trail users and share the trail
  • Race management has the right to pull any runner off the course if deemed proper and or necessary
  • Race management has the right to refuse entry
  • Race management has the right to cancel the race for safety reasons or for an event of Force Majeure


  • You may have a pacer during the event. Pacers can be picked up at the locations specified on the “Pacers and Crew” tab
  • Pacers must wear a pacer bib number and sign a waiver. The signed waiver can be emailed to francesca at badtothebone dot biz or you may bring your waiver to race day registration. Click HERE to download the waiver
  • Pacers can run either behind or in front of their runner
  • Pacers may not carry items for their runners: no muling

  • Crews can only be met at the locations specified on the “Pacers and Crew” tab
  • Dogs are allowed to crew with you but you must keep them on a leash at all times
  • Always park off any roadways and do not block the roads. On the Blue Ridge Parkway, all four wheels must be off the pavement
  • You must display your crew tags with your runner’s number

  • You must be medically fit to run this race and properly trained. Also, you must not have any medical conditions which might endanger you during the event
  • This is an isolated mountain course and you will be alone exposed to the elements for long stretches of time. You must be physically and mentally prepared and you must have the right gear at all times. If this all sounds like news to you, that’s not a good sign
  • Carry the gear and supplies necessary for the conditions, distance and your individual needs
  • The course is well marked. If you don't see a marker for more than 1/2 mile, turn around and retrace your steps until you find a marker. Don't keep going without seeing course markers! If you do get lost, please find help and contact either your crew/family or race management so we know where you are
  • This is an open course. There will be vehicular traffic on all gravel, paved and jeep roads. Always run against traffic and watch out for traffic. You must be able to hear traffic approaching at all times
  • During the night portion of the event, you must wear a headlamp with adequate backup and wear high visibility clothing
  • The course includes rocks, roots, holes, some drop offs, wildlife, changing weather conditions: please be prepared for all the above and wear adequate footwear
  • Weather can change suddenly in the Blue Ridge Mountains: be prepared for cold, rapidly changing weather such as rain, snow and/or hail and hypothermic conditions
  • Race management will make the final call as far as any safety situations, including your own. If we don’t believe it is safe for you to continue, you must drop out of the race
  • The course is well marked with orange surveyor flags, reflective surveyor flags, orange arrows on stakes, cones and orange chalk. However, you must have a general understanding of the course layout. There will be a race briefing on race morning

All finishers in the three events will receive a finisher medallion. Winners awards will be as follows:

  • Top three winners in the 50 mile race
  • Age group winners in the 50 mile race- first place, 10 year increments
  • Top three winners in the 50 kilometers race
  • Age group winners in the 50 kilometers race- first place, 10 year increments
  • Top three winners in the 25 kilometers race
  • Age group winners in the 25 kilometers race- first place, 10 year increments

Course Markings

The out-and-back course is very well marked. However, please familiarize yourself with the general course layout. If you get lost, please retrace your steps to the location where you initially got lost and pick up the course from there: do not continue on a trail without course marking. Unless instructed during the race briefing, you should go no more than 1/4 mile without seeing a marker.


  • Orange Surveyor Flags
  • Orange Chalk
  • Orange Arrows on Stakes
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway will have cones
  • Critical turns will have specific signs
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