• Bel Monte 50m 50k 25k

    March 10, 2018
  • Blue Ridge Mountains

    The Best Spring Mountain Ultra in the East
  • George Washington National Forest

    A True Mountain Ultra
  • The passion behind the race

    A race built and executed with experience and passion
  • Friends, Family, Fun!

    Races are more fun with friends!
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March 10, 2018 Limited to 350 entrants

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The Best Spring Mountain Ultra in the East!

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Gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

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UTMB Qualifier & Trophy Series Race

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Pre- Race Instructions

Here are your pre-race instructions! We look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!

About the Bel Monte Endurance Races

The Bel Monte Endurance Races is the most fun ultra you'll ever do. Created by ultra runners for ultra runners, BMER has all the qualities most coveted in an ultra: a stunning course on single-track trails, a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, a start/finish location with bonfires, cabins and even dodgy hot-tubs! BMER is what ultras are all about! BMER is the perfect spring ultra and the perfect ultra to do with friends!


Bel Monte includes three races: 50 mile, 50k and 25k. BMER is one of the most scenic ultras in the East and the best spring mountain ultra in the East. The course is stunning with challenging climbs, some technical some more runnable. The out-and-back course always changes and has more runnable sections followed by more technical sections. Some of the climbs are challenging, with the longest on the 50 mile course being about 5 miles long. The race begins with 2 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway: the rest of the race is in the George Washington National Forest trail system. The course is 60% single-track, about 30% jeep and gravel road and less than 10% pavement (Blue Ridge Parkway). The start/finish is located at Royal Oaks Resort, where cabins and camping spots are available for rent.


BMER includes three events: a 50 miler, 50k and 25k trail races. All three races are an out-and-back course.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

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