Drop Bags Information

Drop bags will be allowed at Turkey Pen (50m, 50k), Kennedy Trail (50m, 50k) and Stony Run Trail (50m) and the start/finish line (all races). Click on the list of aid stations for more details. We will not ship your drop bags!


  • Drop bags will not be shipped after the race
  • We are not responsible for lost of stolen drop bags: please no valuables in the drop bags
  • Drop bags should be no larger than a small backpack
  • Please label each drop bag with: aid station name, your bib number, your name
  • Drop bags will be returned to the finish after the aid station closes, which will be late in the day for most aid stations (see last runner times HERE)
  • You can pick up your drop bag before the aid station closes by driving to the aid station. Driving directions to each aid station can be found HERE. All the drop bag locations are on Coal Road, so they are very easy to get to.
  • .Drop bags can be dropped off on SATURDAY morning during packet pickup no later than 6:00am (Royal Oaks Resort)

Course Markings

The out-and-back course is very well marked. However, please familiarize yourself with the general course layout. If you get lost, please retrace your steps to the location where you initially got lost and pick up the course from there: do not continue on a trail without course marking. Unless instructed during the race briefing, you should go no more than 1/4 mile without seeing a marker.


  • Orange Surveyor Flags
  • Orange Chalk
  • Orange Arrows on Stakes
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway will have cones
  • Critical turns will have specific signs
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