The Bel Monte Endurance Runs feature well-stocked aid stations with helpful and professional staff. Below are the details on the aid stations locations and menu, crew locations, the list of cutoffs and drop bags instructions.


Aid Stations

There are 8 aid stations for the 50 miler, 6 on the 50k and 4 on the 25k course. The longest gap is 9.1 miles on the Stony Run Trail on the 50m course. Aid stations are well stocked with water and electrolyte drink, ice (during warm weather), SFUELS bars (low carb bars), gels, energy bars, potatoes, fruit, tortillas with peanut butter, jelly and Nutella, saltines with peanut butter, jelly and Nutella, candies, cookies, chips, pretzels and random treats. Some aid stations will also offer warm food like soup, Noodleaid (chicken noodle soup with Gatorade, special recipe) and quesadillas. Lasagnas and Mac and Cheese will wait for you at the finish line!

50M A/S 50K A/S 25K A/S



Aid stations on the 50m and 50k course will have cutoffs. The cutoff for the 50m course is 13:00 hours and for the 50k course is 9:00 hours. Please note that cutoffs will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. Continuing on the course beyond a cutoff will NOT be allowed under any circumstance. Please respect the fact that, even unsupported, you are still under the race management's responsibility and you cannot be allowed to finish beyond the closing of any aid station. Please respect and abide by the race management's decisions. If necessary, the race management will call the Ranger to escort you off the course.

50m Cutoffs 50k Cutoffs


Drop Bags

Drop bags will be allowed at the start/finish (all races), Turkey Pen (50k, 50m), Kennedy Trail (50k, 50m), Stony Run Trail (50m). We will not ship your drop bags! Drop bags should be no larger than a small backpack. Please label each drop bag with: aid station name, your bib number, your name. Drop bags return to the finish AFTER the aid station closes, which will be late in the day for most of the aid stations. All the aid stations with drop bags are on Coal Road: if you cannot wait for the drop bag to return, our suggestion is to drive to the aid station to pick it up. Driving directions to these aid stations can be found HERE.

Click here for the Drop Bags Instructions

Course Markings

The out-and-back course is very well marked. However, please familiarize yourself with the general course layout. If you get lost, please retrace your steps to the location where you initially got lost and pick up the course from there: do not continue on a trail without course marking. Unless instructed during the race briefing, you should go no more than 1/4 mile without seeing a marker.


  • Orange Surveyor Flags
  • Orange Chalk
  • Orange Arrows on Stakes
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway will have cones
  • Critical turns will have specific signs
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